About Simply Dance

Dancing is the very best exercise you can get ... it uses every part of the body - even bits you didn't know you had! - and what's more ...

It's FUN!
Keeps you FIT!
Improves your POSTURE!
Assists with WEIGHT LOSS!
Helps in keeping your body TONED!
Stimulates your BRAIN!
Boosts your CONFIDENCE!
Helps keep you looking YOUNGER!

It doesn't matter if you have never danced before - or if you think you have two left feet - there is something for everyone at Simply Dance.

We love to dance and enjoy teaching others - so much so that we run dance classes every night of the week - mainly at Spooner Row Village Hall - but we do also run other classes at satellite venues.

Classes are structured in such a way that we can cater for any standard  of dancer from complete novice or social dancer through improvers and advanced dancers - as well as coaching for medallists and professional training for anyone wishing to become a Dance Teacher.

Contact Sandra 01508 528284

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